Creation of new life styles

- Our past works for shop design -



Cafe & bar restaurant which located along Orchard Road where is attracting many people. Customer enjoy this place for coffee at daytime and also for alcohol at night time in this luxury atmosphere.

COCOCHI WORK Shop design and branding

KEN CLINIC IN PHNOM PENH (Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2015)

First project in Cambodia to move a Japanese-owned clinic to new location in Boeung Keng Kong. We renovate a villa into the clinic, and new clinic is warmly decorated with Japanese paper illumination of the wall in waiting room.

  • CAR SHOP(Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014)

    Car cleaning service and auto supply shop in Aeon mall, which is the first full-scale shopping mall in Phnom Penh. Getting enough amount of customers by offering high quality service in the country where you see many luxury cars driving.

    COCOCHI WORK Shop design and branding
  • CURRY SHOP(Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014)

    Curry shop located in food court area in Aeon mall Phnom Penh. They localize a style of curry to fit the country they are in. Concept is “Traveling Japanese curry”.

    COCOCHI WORK Shop design and branding
  • OFFICE DESIGN IN PHNOM PENH TOWER (Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014)

    Office design of Japan-based apparel shop located in Phnom Penh tower, which is the symbol of the city.

  • GRILLED DISH RESTAURANT (Siem Reap, Cambodia 2015)

    Restaurant of fancy grilled dishes targeted at foreign tourist in Siem Reap, which is the city with World heritage Angkor Wat.

    COCOCHI WORK Shop design and branding

SEAFOOD RESTAURANT (Zhangjiagan, China 2011)

Giant seafood restaurant in a new shopping mall in Zhangiiagan, where you take 4 hours trip from Shanghai city. Zhangiiagan is famous for shipbuilding and as a cottage area. This restaurant is consists of 4 floors: 1st floor is entrance, 2nd floor is public tables, 3rd floor is private rooms and 4th floor is for VIP.


SPACE OF WINDOW, WATER FLOW AND CHAIRS (Itami city, Hyougo, Japan 2012)

Designed show room for reform Company. Concept is “Scenery near the window” and we design this to let you imagine the scenery of enjoying yourself “near the window”. You are looking trees through the window, thinking about your loving person and drinking a cup of tea with some books on your favorite char. These scenes are what we would like you to imagine when you visit this showroom.

CAFE &LIFESTYLE SHOP 「Bano Bano」(Izumi city, Osaka, Japan 2012)

Unique fusion of cafe space and lifestyle shop. Cafe place had been rebuilt from  a warehouse and we curved Mt.Fuji’s picture to make you feel at “Sento" (meaning public bath in Japanese, Mt.Fuji is often curved on the wall in public bath from the past), Owner’s attempt to let you find the beauty of the city by using nicely cooked local foodstuffs is successful. Shop name “Bano Bano” came from Spanish ward “Bano”, which means bath. Also in Japanese “Ba(場)” refer to a place where people get together.

OTHERS: Hirano ku internal medicine department (Osaka, Japan) etc.

- Our past works for Construction design / Landscape design (design + produce) -



    Our design of Japanese-owned garment factory in PPSEZ(Phnom Penh special economic zone). We’d like workers to feel comfortable there so we are particular about place’s quality life and community.

  • SHOPPING MALL PROJECT(Siem Reap, Cambodia 2014)

    New Shopping mall targeted at foreign tourist who visit world heritage Angkor Wat.  Ground floor is night market and upper floor is for shopping tenants and also you find a sky restaurant on the top.

  • OLYMPIC STADIUM BUDOKAN PROJECT(Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2015)

    Budokan(meaning “martial arts stadium" in Japanese) project is aimed to build a place for people who learn Japanese martial arts or Cambodian martial arts to practice their skill. Budokan will be built  inside the area of Olympic stadium.


    Savannahkhe is very valued place as a station to connect between Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. We proceed this project under the concept of “ factory complex of the forest”.  We make full use of natural environment and this is consisted of forest areas, factory areas, dormitory areas, commercial area and resort area.


    Training center located near the border to Vietnam and at this place people are trained to treat blind bombs properly. This center includes training rooms, dormitories, and a cafeteria. In the future, a exhibition hall will be attached as well.


    Phnom Penh sees a lot of appear of giant condominiums. The one of our project will be built in Nakanosima area, where is expecting Japan-funded hospital and Japanese-owned hotel.

  • HOUSING DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2015~)

    Housing development project targeted at high-class local residents. We give priority to create a place which is user-friendly and easily become functional as one community,

    In order for that, our attempt is to install new structure of the streets.

RESORT HOTEL PROJECT IN CHINA (Changzhou, China 2012~)

After 4 or 5 hours trip from Shanghai, you’ll arrive Changzhou city, into where a lot of Japan-based company has been expanding. In a suburb, you find fields for fancy Chinese tea “white tea” and our construction site is located in the center of the field. This is a joint project by Japanese designers unit. Opening is planed in 2016.

→Joint members
Management and blanding:TOSHISHIGE KAWAUCHI (CocochiCam Design Co.Ltd. /CEO)
Architecture design:GENTARO KOTERA(Interdesign Co.Ltd./CEO)
Landscape design :MASAMITSU TACHIBANA(SOLA /Representative Director)
Interior design:YOSUKE SHIROSHIMA(Esplus-design /Representative Director)
lighting design:SHIRO MIKI(LightStyle lightning design office)
Hotel advisor:EMI UEMURA


LANDSCAPED CITY (Hirakaeta city, Osaka, Japan 2003)

We planed urban development under the concept “Landscaped city”. We integrate the scenes of city and community-based forest standing back of the city. We set tricks for people to enjoy the trees’ grow and losing color of bricks on exterior walls in middle-term span.

MODERN HOUSE IN CASTLE-CITY (Hirakata city, Osaka, Japan 2002)

This area, where you find many old and unrefined-design houses, had been developed as castle area and you still feel the atmosphere of that history around here. We integrate the design style of “old castle city” and “modern, so that you can imagine.

CITY OF FIVE SENSES KIDUMINAGOSE(Kidunagose city, Kyoto, Japan 2007)

By “five senses”, we mean humans’s sense to outside world and also five factors that the city we live in could influence us. City(=listen), Season(=see), House(=feel), Live(=experience), People(=know).

HOUSE BLUE SKY (Sakai city, Osaka, Japan 2012)

We mainly use dark gray color and wooden materials and make the house feel warm and modern style. Pend roof give a rhythmical mood to city. Resident can look up to the sky through the window and be able to feel open to sky.

SMART HOUSE (Hashimoto city, Wakayama 2004)

Our design to this house symbolize “smart protocol life”, expecting lives of women and children because of our social lifestyle movement. We introduce 4 smarts things into this design: Smart life, Smart women, Smart sense, Smart design.

GARDEN TOWN Kouzu (Koufu city, Osaka, Japan 2003)

Since we’d like residents to enjoy a sense of openness, great view and garden space, we developed 3 floors housing area, where you can find simple but modern taste. Priority is put on to make comfortable life style which suits the present days and we’re sure all young generation would love to live here because this is joint project by our designer and furniture factory, which focus on design for young.

Other(construction design)

Minamimori city rental apartment(Osaka, supervision of design),  Kamitoba city low-rise housing PJ (Kyoto, Supervision of plan), Kayashima city rental apartment PJ (Osaka, supervision of design)

Other(planning for product)

Oomiya city condominium(Kyoto), Smart Cocochi(Shizuoka), Urban development etc

Urban Development

P-common Oosumi Yamate(Tanabe city, Kyoto 12 houses), City of five senses (Seika city, Kyoto, 25 houses), Higashi Kakogawa Tsutsujino (Kakogawa, Hyogo, 12houses), Landscape city Matsuiyamate (Tanabe city, Kyoto 28houses), Nakanoike Park street(Hirakata city, Osaka, 12houses), Stoke Village Kakogawa Noguchi(Kakogawa city, Hyogo 27houses), Yamanoue PJ(Hirakata city, Osaka 4houses), Sanbiar Tsudahigashi (Hirakata city, Osaka 4houses), Noble town Nishimoto(Amagasaki city, Hyogo), Santeel Tsushima(Osaka 4houses), Pulandespowaru Ookura(Kadoma, Osaka 10houses), Sanpureo  Fujisaka(Hirakata city, Osaka 7houses), Pulandespowaru Higashikouri(Hirakata city, Osaka 6houses), Kidukawada PJ(Kidukawa city, Kyoto), Kidushita Kalahari PJ(Kidukawa city, Kyoto 13houses), Higashisonoda PJ(Amagasaki city, Hyogo 2houses), Pulandespowaru Kishiwada(Kadoma city, Osaka 13houses), Kasuga Otonomachi(Hirakata city, Osaka 21houses), Minami Tsunobe city PJ(Daitou city, Osaka 8houses), City of five senses Housono(Seika city, Kyoto 12houses), Gamou 4-chome PJ(Osaka 2houses), Yamashiro Nishikurobe PJ(Kidukawa city, Kyoto 14houses), Kitasumoto PJ(Kadoma city, Osaka), Tokiwa city PJ(Kadoma city, Osaka 7houses), Kisaichibe PJ(Kofu city, Osaka 13houses),  City of five senses Kiduminamigose (Kidugawa Kyoto 19houses) and others

- Our works for show rooms -

- Area revitalization -

We did marketing research for Japanese-tea and made it an inspiration to revitalize Senba Osaka area, collaborated with Prof.Yamauchi study team at Faculty of Management Information from Hannan university.


- Our past works for branding -

Company branding using Picture-story show

Our attempt to make much of roof gardens. We held a picture-story show for neighbor children, and also publish a free paper to feature that project in order to make a good company image of a company which has ownership of the building.


Chinese character for ”Japanese tea” is “茶”. Since “茶” is consisted of two “十”, (meaning 10) and “八十八(88)”, and those numbers add up to 108, when you turn to 108 years old, this is the traditional thing to cerebrate with Japanese tea. We invent this tea product with hope that people live longer with happiness.

- Our past works for naming -

Ancient capital breathing

We name a room deodorizer with aroma fragrance “Coto Cocue”.
One of Japanese cider “KItayamasugi”, which grow in Kyoto prefecture, have been used traditionally as alcove pillars in houses. When we do this we have to peel their bark off trees, and for this deodorize, we use this peeled barks as ingredients.

This naming Cotococue is consisted of Coto (meaning ancient capital and in Japan this is Kyoto) and Toco(“Tocobashira" means isalcove pillars). Also we Cocue is breathing.

- Our past works for logo design -

- Production to encourage a sales promotion of  property company -

Gift set to provide happy time

This tea set is sent to possible clients who ask the company to give them information materials. Clients will get our message from this gift and this message is that company can provide you not only property itself but also relaxing time, which will definitely come along with property.

  • “Cocochi-yoi” meaning “feel good at relaxing and comfortable place” and we believe our design will lead to a development of Asia.

    we support CIESF.


    Creation of new lifestyles
      ◆construction work, interior design,  coordinating
      ◆landscape design, area revitalization planning
      ◆property, landscape, shop design
    concept work, branding
    graphic design
    planning for event and product
    “Japanese tea project”
      ◆we aim to revitalize tea-origin district and make new plan to sell and create Japanese-tea product.

  • Company name
    CocochiCam Designs(Cambodia)Co., ltd (registered name Coms office by qualified architect of the first class )
    Kawauchi Toshishige
    <Tokyo office>
    Yamaguchi building 301, kouji city 3-7-8, Chiyoda district, Tokyo.

    <Osaka office>
    Inside coordination forum at Mito building 303, Midoushuji, Bakuro city 3-6-7, Chuo district, Osaka.

    <Malysia office>
    2490C Lorong Teck Chye Avenue, Limbongan, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
    May 2001
    2nd June 2003
    three million yen
    corporation in Cambodia
    CocochiCam Designs (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd.
    No. A34, Street A, (Borei LA SEINE), Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh
Our idea is always unique and original. We also love to plus things originated from Japan, and also our playful(In Japanese words we say “ochame”, and this include the words referring to “Japanese tea”!) mind is always with our designs. mission

Our idea is always unique and original. We also love to plus things originated from Japan, and also our playful(In Japanese words we say “ochame”, and this include the words referring to “Japanese tea”!) mind is always with our designs.

People, company, city, culture and tea time, all of them will be playful things when we create it, We take good care of your value and social work. Also we’d love to contributed to make a sustainable development. We’d also help you find how valuable it is if you are afford to having a cup of tea slowly.

Producer and First-class registered architect
Director NPO organization CHAEKO

Started his independent business in 2001 after working at construction office, construction management company and landscape design office. While him working at construction office, he contributed to do office building and public facilities including gymnasiums. After that, he worked at another construction management company and played an active part in designing rental apartment, condominium, welfare facilities. Also at landscape design office, he designed recreation facilities, reproduced old private house, and made many plans to revitalize local communities. After he started his own business, he worked under his own theme “community design” and do many amazing works from a condominium to real estate, and also lead many project to revitalize community in Japan, and some in China. Our company name “Cocochi” is Japanese word and meaning is “Comfortable life”. We put our message for people to lead a life of comfortableness and keep thinking up new ideas.

CocochiCam Designs(Cambodia)Co., ltd

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